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I made this art for the husband for Christmas. I love it as much as he does.

It is the state of Indiana with a Heart icon where my husband grew up and where we lived together for 7 years.

Even though I am so happy to be “home” I will always cherish our times in Indiana where we learned to live together, depend on each other, and grow together. This piece of art reminds us of that (and cost $1.00).


items needed:

card stock (1 pattern, 1 plain)

frame (I got mine from Dollar Tree)



state template (mine found free online)

how to:

find a template of your state (for free) on the internet (i simply did a Google search and found a bunch)

print template

cut template from patterned card stock

mark hometown, special place, etc with marker to compliment the card stock you have choosen

mount state on plain card stock

put into frame


This is easy and looks so great. I encourage everyone to make one.

What state is special to you?


One thought on “meaningful homemade art

  1. Grandma says:

    How sweet and to think you thought to do it for him. A great memory piece and I also love the bluebird sitting there.
    You are home now, so the home back in IN is no longer home, although he is still there!

    Love, Grandma

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