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houndstooth with red felt embellishment

graphic flower design

sweet blue

stenciled burlap

I have been on a homemade pillow spree lately.

I found some easy, 10 minute, removable pillow tutorials online so I was able to churn these out quickly.

what do you think?


One thought on “homemade pillows

  1. Grandma says:

    It is amazing what you can run across on line. That sounds interesting, the tutorial, I mean. Your pillows are very pretty. And it looks like you have several, that’s nice, too.
    By the way I saw shoes with the color on the toe at TGMax. There was a strip of color down the back of the heel but not on the very small heel.
    I bought a pair of shoes there, they are flats with different colors and different colors along the sides. The toe on both is light burgandy, I guess you would call it, then the next sextion is squared off with orange and something. The sides are black on one side and the redish color on the other side. I guess this is hard to imagine but they are Liz and I think they will go with the dress I am making. and especially they fit good. They have a small flat heel. I hope they are not suede because if they are that means they are Wintery and I want them for now.
    Keep of the good work!!

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