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These stairs started off a very dark brown. Painting them pure white made them look beautiful and made the hallway a little less scary to travel through.

painted hard wood floor

I painted the floors in the downstairs bedrooms white. The floors were not in good condition and I had always wanted to try. They turned out nicely but BEWARE-you will get scratches and scuffs-no matter how you paint it.

hard wood and soft wood

The floors in the dining room and living room got re-done by me, husband, and my parents. It was completed in less then a week and totally worth it!

As you can see the dining room and living room have two different types of wood as the flooring. We heard that people used to install these in their home with softwood in the middle and hardwood around the edges of the home because they would put down large area rugs and wanted to save money.We liked the look and felt it added some character to our home.


2 thoughts on “floors and stairs

  1. Grandma says:

    The paint job is amazing. And I like the white in the stairway for more light, like you said. A hugh change and a good one.
    Also the white floor looks very good.

  2. Debra says:

    How cool that you got to try all different things! They look great.

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