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Going the the thrift store is so exciting.

It seems like such a waste to go to the big box stores when I can find items I want and need that are unique and are a great price!

Here are some examples of my latest finds:

vintage wing toe pumps

vinatge ball jar, beautiful bottle

stunning crystal glassware

vintage tin candle holder


owl storage figurine

This was not a thrift store find, but a find from my Great Aunt’s home:

shoe shine/polish kit

What have you found recently at the thrift store? feel free to share.


4 thoughts on “thrift store finds

  1. Rachael D. says:

    Those wing tip heels are to die for!!!

  2. I go at least twice a week…I need my “fix” as I call it…Relaxing…neat stuff…unique finds…great buys

  3. Grandma says:

    I haven’t been to a thrift store lately, in fact its been a very long time. But I used to go to one near by and always found good things. A nut chopper that I still use for instance and an Evan Picon navy blue wool skirt that I still wear. But the shoes you bought were top of the line if you ask me.
    A winter snowy picture was a keeper for that time of year. A whole set of wax Christmas houses that came in handy when I decorated for a party on New Year’s Eve one year. I usually always came home with something but can’t remember what it was.
    After seeing what you found it might stir me to try again.
    Thanks, Grandma

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