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My husband has had this chair since middle school and I can guess it was loved by someone else before that. The chair has a wood frame that was not cared for and ugly brown cushions with scratchy fabric.

First, I painted the frame off-white to show through under the worn off portions of the top color.

Second, I chose a dark glossy brown for the frame to hide imperfections and for ease of clean up.

Third, I covered the cushions with a modern, bold red and white fabric. I simply wrapped the cushions like you would a present and used fabric glue to attach the edges to the cushion.

Now we have a comfortable chair that is no longer an eye sore.


One thought on “old chair=new life

  1. Grandma says:

    YOur chair looks beautiful, Amy. I love the color you chose. I have an old chair in the bedroom that still has the faded blue velvet cover on it. It really needs a make-over. This chair of yours is an inspiration, someday I will make an effort to cover it, Hopefully.

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