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the house my husband and i bought has a nice size kitchen, the only problem was: all the extra room in the middle. the cabinets and counter tops run along the walls only. we have a large dining room right next door to the kitchen so we decided we did not need an eat in kitchen.

in short, we could not afford a traditional kitchen island-even if we bought the materials our selves and DIY. so i went to the hardware store to get some inspiration. (we lived in a small town, so there is no IKEA close by and i was impatient)

i went to the tools section and found the workbenches. PERFECT! we bought a work bench for about $100. the work bench came with one wooden top and had two drawers built in. we used the top to create a a shelf inside the workbench and then purchased a laminate desk top for the “counter top” for about $20. the workbench is the perfect size for counter top preparations and we use it more than our traditional counter tops.  the drawers hold the family junk and silverware for easy access. the workbench is metal and therefore very durable and easy to clean. i painted the shelf red to add a touch of color.

we bought two stools to sit around the workbench that serves as a place to eat breakfast or for guest to rest while socializing with the cook. the laminate top was places slightly off center to add the lip for the stools.


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