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When my husband and I purchased our first home, we had more walls and rooms than ever and there is nothing I hate more than an empty, unlived in, cold home.

We also did not have much money to spare, so I had to get creative with how to decorate. I have no artistic talent-so something super simple and idiot proof was on the agenda.

I came up with a few ideas on how to decorate the walls inexpensively.

First: I found inexpensive canvases at hobby lobby (or any craft store, even big lots) and painted “an abstract art piece” to match the room.

Second: I had frames to spare but no art work to add (and I am not a fan of having personal pictures flooding the senses). I love wrapping paper! So, I used my spare frames and filled them with beautiful wrapping paper. This not only was inexpensive but also added color to the space with out much work.

Third: I love fabric, so I framed that just like the wrapping paper. I also wrapped an embroidery hoop in fabric.

Fourth: Years ago I found a great basket but have never found a use or place for it, I always ended up putting it on display so I nailed it to the wall (the type of weave allows the basket not the be damaged).

Last: I collect metal trays and they make wonderful, usable wall art. They can be hung with 3M strips or nails so they can be removed to be used and replaced once done.

Hope this inspires some ideas for you guys, let me know!


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