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When my place of employment moved buildings 5 years ago, we cleaned out an overstocked warehouse and discovered an old library card catalog. The company was going to throw this gem out, so I snatched it up and brought it home.  It looked great and we got tons of compliments on the piece, but it was not very useful.

Then an idea hit me! I needed to create a faux front and make the inside into shelves so the piece can be useful. My father, the master DIY-er, agreed. He came up for a weekend and we nearly completed the project. The photos below chronicle the progress:


and getting to the after:

card catalog collage 1

card catalog collage 2

card catalog collage 3

card catalog collage 4

card catalog collage 5

card catalog collage 6

(the pieces on the bottom were stained to match the card catalog after the photograph)

  This is my favorite project and the one I am most proud of-what’s yours?


5 thoughts on “My Summer Project

    1. Amy says:

      thank you, I can fit so much in it now :)

  1. Rachael D. says:

    This is so cool! So VERY cool!

  2. Teresa says:

    What a great idea!!! I love the update. I have always thougth card catalogs were such neat pieces.

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