The Little Red Owl

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I’m sure everyone has noticed the new Owl craze. The marketing ploy has been successful. I am in LOVE with these little creatures.

I was at my local thrift shop lately and spotted an awesome owl but the price tag read $8.00. I decided not to purchase the owl but went home regretting it. When I finally made it back to the thrift store that owl was gone, but i found this one for $3.99:

I bought some glossy white spray paint (I recommend spending the $2.00 more for name brand spray paint-there really is a difference in quality and ease of application) and went to work:

I feel pretty happy about the final product and total cost was $7.00. Kudos DIY

(I apologize for the pictures, the glossy paint proved difficult to photograph)


One thought on “Thrift Store Owl

  1. Rachael D. says:

    OH MY GOSH! I didn’t know there was a tacky colored owl under that adorable white owl!!!!! WOW!!!! That is one of the coolest DIY’s EVER! And so easy! I will be looking on the shelves of good will with a fresh eye from now on :)

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