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It is 3 days before Thanksgiving and about a month away from Christmas, seems like a good time to finally start the blog I have been meaning to start for over a year.

In this blog I plan on sharing tips for homemaking, DIY home projects, crafting, sewing, saving money, and generally living well at home.

My first tip is for budgeting: sign up for

Mint is a great tool to use when more than one person wants to know where money is going and how it is being spent. The budgets can be adjusted at any time and transactions can be moved into whatever category you see fit. Bank accounts, loans, credit cards etc. can be linked into Mint securely to keep the budgeting as updated as you spend. Also, the preferences can be sent to text or email you updates on your accounts and budgeting and to keep you informed in funds get low.

Mint has apps for the iphone, ipad, itouch, and android that are helpful as well.

Check it out!


One thought on “Starting and Budgeting

  1. Jennifer Peters says:

    You are amazing Amy! Great tips girl, you’re the bestest. Maybe you can help me with some creative ideas in the near future. Hugs

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