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There are some new wares up for sale in my Etsy vintage shop. Check out a quick peek:










Head over to the shop to see more and if you don’t follow me via Instagram-do. I post sneak peeks of wares to come and other fun things.

Have a great Wednesday!


My PMDD has been HORRIBLE this month, so I am going to share the burden with the internet :)

I have talked about PMDD previously here, check it out if you want.

So, this morning one of my co workers asked if I was feeling alright, I said “No. Worse than yesterday-but it’s fine” She asked if it was the flu or something. That’s when I decided to share my struggle of PMDD with her (I am not a very open person so this is something I am trying to get better about). My co-worker had never heard of PMDD. This was no surprising to me-most women haven’t, although it is a real shame. My hope in this post is to bring awareness to PMDD and hopefully help others not feel alone. 

PMDD is an interesting disorder, it changes almost everything about me for a few days every month. Every freaking month! I would not wish PMDD on my worst enemy. Keep in mind I am in the midst of it right now so this is all very raw.

This is what happens to my brain when the PMDD kicks in:

  • I hate myself: I start thinking I am fat, ugly, worthless, a disappointment, ungrateful, selfish, mean, a bad friend, a bad sister, a bad daughter, a bad wife, why would Husband even stay married to me…. and so on. Generally it is a deep spiral downward.
  • I gain about 2 sizes in water weight (which you can imagine makes all this even better)
  • I hate my home: more precisely I want to throw out everything I own and start living a minimalist life-which if you know me is insane b/c I have a ton of stuff and I LOVE bring surrounded by it all
  • I lash out at Husband: he really gets the brunt of my mood swings and irrational behavior, I can hide it from others.
  • I cry at ANYTHING: anything! I will start crying because I can’t get my sock off
  • I want to cut my body off and live only with a head b/c the constant nagging pain throughout my entire body
  • I want to be able to “just get over it and feel better”
  • I do not want to work or eat, I only want to sleep and unfortunately I cannot sleep-it is so restless

Wow, sounds like a lot of self pity doesn’t it? I do not mean it to-I just want to share what this is like and some of the symptoms that can come along with this disorder.

In bed at 215pm with Amy Poehler & Jolly Ranchers #thisisPMDD

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A few things that help me cope:

  1. Period Tracker app (for Apple and for Android) This app helps me track my period and can even track intimacy and fertility if you like. I use this every time I go to the Doctor and they ask when my last period was. I LOVE it and it was FREE.
  2. Thinx Underwear–this is a new discovery and I cannot speak highly enough about them (they are NOT paying me or giving me anything to write this, I just found them and LOVE their products!). Not only is the underwear gorgeous, its amazing (keeps me light, dry, odor and worry free) but they also give back-what more could you ask for? I have 6 pairs with a 7th on the way. They are inexpensive in my book considering all the stress I have lost and all the comfort I have gained. Follow their inspirational Instagram here.
  3. A WONDERFUL Husband that gets my disorder, cuts me slack, ignores my crazy, and pushes me to stay busy and fight off the effects
  4. Keeping a sense of humor: I can make fun of myself and my mood swings and irrational thoughts-I think this helps lighten it a bit, at least for me
  5. Talking about it: keeping things a secret rarely makes them better-I believe that is true for this disorder too. If I can talk about it (with Husband, Mom, Sister, etc) I feel so much LESS CRAZY.

How in tune with your body are you? Do you pay attention to how you feel and what your body might be trying to tell you?


One of my New Year’s Resolutions (I am still hashing out my complete list) is to share more consistently via Instagram.

Getting stuff done today #onephotofeb

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So, for February I am challenging myself to post at least 1 photo per day on IG for the entire month. Should be doable right?

Late night selfie after #trivia #onephotofeb

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I started off 2 days behind so I have been trying to make up for that with multiples the past couple days.

Packing up this beauty for the #offmarket this Saturday @madtree brewing. All of last years items will be 50% off!

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If you don’t follow me already, hop to. And if you want to join in the fun, do so via #onephotofeb

Houndstooth accented by heart pillow #justintimeforvalentinesday #onephotofeb

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See ya on IG!




debra 3

My sister (not so) recently agreed to be my model for the clothing and shoes available for sale on my Etsy Shop.

debra 1

I had so much fun dressing her up like a Barbie and instructing her “not to smile” to “put your hand there” to “stand like this” and to “look down”.


I might have mis judged my calling as one of those artsy photographers that yells at their models to get into weird positions (though just the yelling part LOL).


debra 4

debra 6

Sister was such a good sport and she looks great in everything! We had a blast and even plan on scheduling another photo shoot. I am pumped-this is the adult equivalent of “playing Barbie”.







DSC_0474 (2)




DSC_0407 (2)


Isn’t she adorable?

I am in the process of listing these items in my shop over the next few days, check it out if you like anything you see.


*by the way, if you don’t follow Barbie on Instagram-you should! Seriously…

I know I am a little late, but oh well :) Happy 2015!


I thought my chalkboard for the New Year was pretty cute, fireworks and all.


I listened to this record on repeat a few times-such a good compilation.


And I drank Kentucky Mules in succession-they are so taste and easy to make! (and now I am on the hunt for a vintage or locally made copper mug to drink them from in the future)

Goals for 2015:

I am trying to come up with goals for the New Year still, here is my draft:

1. do more blog posting (this can be misleading, I do want to be more disciplined with myself to post more, but I also do NOT want to just be posting for the sake of numbers. I want to post stuff that’s good)

2. be better about listing on Etsy-I tend to fall behind listing new items and it only hurts me

3. prioritize my time

4. be extremely mindful of what I am buying and where/who I am buying it from. you might remember this post from a while ago-like any human person I have good and bad days keeping up with my convictions. I probably buy too much on Amazon and at Target but I am trying REALLY hard to be more mindful. When I think of something I want/need I try to think where I could it-Etsy? local store, local thrift shop? local antique market? farmers market? and then I search for something I LOVE. This also helps with me not getting sick of the thing I bought just because it was cheap. If you buy things you LOVE they will probably be useful and stick around longer.

example: after making Kentucky Mules I decided I wanted to get a hand citrus juicer. So of course I could buy one from Target for $12.49:



or order one on Amazon for $6.15 with free shipping:



OR, I could find one on Etsy that I LOVE:





juicer-milk glass




juicer-teal and white


I am still contemplating which to get and I have not given up yet looking at local stores, thrift stores, and antique malls.

 I will list my final goals for 2015 once I laminate them (Friends reference, anyone?).



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